Zetor Tractor

Zetor is a brand of tractors, trademark and Czech producer situated in Brno, Líšeň. The organization produces cultivating tractors and tractor parts.

Zetor Tractor is the world’s first producer to create and dispatch creation of tractor security lodges.In the 70 year-long Histories, it has sold over 1.3 million tractors.

Zetor Tractor Specification

Zetor portfolio incorporates six model extents with power from 40 to 160 hp. Easy to work with an amazing motor is the thing that it makes the models.

It has been planned with open and agreeable taxi with least clamor. Low upkeep and working expenses. Development of Zetor tractors has been adjusted in like manner – they are strong, heavyweight tractors.

Because of generally excellent parameters, they are acknowledged as diligent employees and great incentive for cash, so you can experience all the models of Zetor Tractors here that holds details, highlights and value list as well.

The models may have a few varieties or alterations if changes are made by the organization.

Zetor brand gives serious items, trend setting innovation and brilliant answers for the present and future needs of ranchers and mechanical temporary workers around the world, depending on these parts every tractor determinations are indicated thus on this site.

Zetor Tractor Prices

Zetor Tractor BrandPrice
Zetor UTILIX HT 45 Tractor Price 30,897 GBP*
Zetor Hortus CL 65 Tractor Price €31,303*
Zetor Major CL 80 Tractor Price£26,000.00*
Zetor Crystal HD 150 Price £80,236*
Zetor Crystal HD 170 Price£81,236*

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